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Halfway Mark

It’s official. I’m halfway there. We hit the 20 week mark today. This week Aiden will grow to be the size of a grapefruit and his hearing is developing!

20 Weeks

20 Weeks

19 Week Belly Bump

Here is the most recent belly bump pic! Even Calvin wants to touch the belly! (You can click on the pics to get them to pop up larger)

Hormonal worry wart

Yep, I am a worry wart. By nature I tend to obsess over things, imagine all possibilities – both good and bad. It doesn’t help that I am on my high risk ob rotation right now while I am 19 weeks pregnant. Granted I have had a full anatomy ultrasound of little Aiden so I know he doesn’t have any major organ malformations – one less thing to worry about. However, this doesn’t stop me from seeing the patient who breaks her water too early or whose placenta starts to bleed and worrying that it will me. Luckily I know the numbers and how the overwhelming probability is that I will have a NORMAL pregnancy… but my emotional and rational sides don’t always agree… ESPECIALLY when I am pregnant and hormonal! :) After I get done rounding each morning on all of the problematic pregnancies I try to go over to Labor and Delivery, watch or participate in a normal term delivery, and think of what my little one will look like when he first meets me (full term, chubby, and crying most likely)!

If working on the high risk service didn’t make me worry enough about the duration and healthiness of my pregnancy, baby shopping makes me worry about my preparedness for when the baby does get here. I thought I would go out and leisurely browse all of the cute baby stuff. Aside from choosing the baby bedding (which is sooo cute!) I mostly became overwhelmed. While I started the registry for the fun things (toys, etc) at pottery barn kids, I gave up when it came to the practical things at places like Babies R Us. I need to take a friend (who also happens to be a mother) along with me and tell me what is important and a necessity and what is not. And someone to reassure me that I will someday know what to do with all of it!!!

Weekend Adventures

Nathan and I are trying to start “nesting.” Basically we are trying to start getting the house ready for the new arrival. First order of business is to make sure there is a room to put the baby in. Thus we are working on cleaning out the guest room so it can fit baby stuff. Currently it has a hodge podge of items in it. I don’t think the baby wants to use the elliptical machine for example… We made a small dent in this project over the weekend. We also went and looked at baby furniture which can be quite overwhelming! I didn’t know you had to choose whether you wanted a firm vs cushion, foam vs spring, regular vs organic crib mattress! I have a bit of investigating to do before we make the big purchases. We did decide on bedding though – pottery barn circus friends – which I think will be quite cute and versatile. It is full of primary colors and fun animals. After working on all the baby stuff we decided to take our other babies (who don’t have a clue what’s coming) out for a treat. We went to the local dog park and Calvin and Chloe had a blast! Weekends seem to go by too fast. Luckily Thanksgiving and family time is around the corner.

Dog Park

Dog Park

Fetal Development

Just in case you guys wanted to know the quick week to week changes that happen in early pregnancy I thought I might use my experience as an example. Since I have easy access to ultrasound equipment my little one has been extensively photographed. :) Here is an early week by week progression:

7Weeks                                          8 Weeks                            9 Weeks

You can scroll through earlier posts and see the profile from 15 weeks followed by my most recent scan at 18 Weeks. Cool huh? Aiden now has all of his organs – he is just working on getting bigger and stronger. At close to 19 weeks, he is estimated to weigh around 9-10 ounces, be about 6-7 inches long. He now blinks, swallows, and hair and eyebrows have started to form. The brain is rapidly growing as well. Hearing has not yet developed (but we talk to him anyway).

Things that go bump in the night

Well little Aiden is making his presence known. I can now feel movement and it gets more and more pronounced as the days go by. At first it was just a little flutter – a whisper of movement really – and you had to concentrate really hard to notice anything. Now when I am sitting or lying down – especially right before I fall asleep – I can feel distinct little kicks or rolls. It is especially pronounced after I eat. The other night he was especially active. Nathan and I were lying in bed and I had Nathan put his hand on my belly and Aiden gave a big kick and Nathan felt the bump against his hand. It was so cool! I usually don’t notice him much when I am running around at work but if I am having a bad day I make a point to sit down and concentrate for a few minutes and there he is! He calms his mommy down quite nicely and reminds me of the big picture in life. :)

More fun pics from today



Here are some more pics from today’s ultrasound. Enjoy!  I wish she had taken more pictures – we saw some really cute shots of the hands and face as well. He is such an adorable baby (at least we think so!).




We went for our official anatomy scan today and the sonographer says it’s a boy! At first he was being shy (or mischievous) and keeping it a secret but then he finally showed off. Nathan, of course, is ecstatic and saying “I knew it” since he thought it was a boy at 13weeks but then was confused since the little one kept the goods hidden on the next few peeks with the ultrasound. The rest of his anatomy also looks normal -Nathan says he has my feet! :) Needless to say, Nathan and I are thrilled. The name we are thinking right now is Aiden Christopher Elfrink (ACE). 


New Pics

Just a quick note to say hi and post some new pics. Mom and Dad came back from Palm Springs this weekend so we got to hang out a bit. We also got rid of the extra three dogs that have been hanging out with us! :) I’m sure Chloe and Calvin (our dogs) were sad to see Molly, Maggie, and Madelyne (Mom and Dad’s dogs) go, but Nathan and I sure enjoyed not having 5 dogs in bed with us. Mom and Dad couldn’t stop looking at/touching my blossoming belly so I thought it was time to post some new pics. My belly sure seems to have grown quite a bit in 3 weeks. And this is just the beginning!
17 Week Bump

17 Week Bump

Grandpa-to-Be and Me!

Grandpa-to-Be and Me!

I’ll Take Seconds thank you

The second trimester is much better than the first trimester. Not that my first trimester was horrible… Other than extreme fatigue (naps were my best friend and 8pm became my bedtime if possible) and heartburn I actually had it pretty good. I can count on one hand the number of days I actually lost my lunch. Graham crackers (a common staple on the hospital ward) do wonders for calming a sour stomach. Now I am 16 weeks, well into my second trimester, and thinks are looking good. My belly bump has really started to pop out… I had multiple patients last week ask me if I was expecting. I also had to start using the rubber band trick on my favorite pants… Yet I don’t quite fit into most maternity pants. I’m in that in between area I guess. I haven’t taken any recent belly pics but I will share one from 14 weeks so you can get an idea. My appetite has started to increase now that the nausea is better. I’m sure the weight gain will soon follow. I’m only up about 2 lbs as of now. Nathan and I are getting really excited about baby elfie… we went looking at baby furniture today just for fun. There is tons of cute stuff out there. This is gonna be one spoiled baby let me tell you! We talk to it frequently even though the medical part of us knows the baby can’t yet hear us… Anyways, yay for the second trimester and lots more fun/changes to come!