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I’ll Take Seconds thank you

The second trimester is much better than the first trimester. Not that my first trimester was horrible… Other than extreme fatigue (naps were my best friend and 8pm became my bedtime if possible) and heartburn I actually had it pretty good. I can count on one hand the number of days I actually lost my lunch. Graham crackers (a common staple on the hospital ward) do wonders for calming a sour stomach. Now I am 16 weeks, well into my second trimester, and thinks are looking good. My belly bump has really started to pop out… I had multiple patients last week ask me if I was expecting. I also had to start using the rubber band trick on my favorite pants… Yet I don’t quite fit into most maternity pants. I’m in that in between area I guess. I haven’t taken any recent belly pics but I will share one from 14 weeks so you can get an idea. My appetite has started to increase now that the nausea is better. I’m sure the weight gain will soon follow. I’m only up about 2 lbs as of now. Nathan and I are getting really excited about baby elfie… we went looking at baby furniture today just for fun. There is tons of cute stuff out there. This is gonna be one spoiled baby let me tell you! We talk to it frequently even though the medical part of us knows the baby can’t yet hear us… Anyways, yay for the second trimester and lots more fun/changes to come!