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19 Week Belly Bump

Here is the most recent belly bump pic! Even Calvin wants to touch the belly! (You can click on the pics to get them to pop up larger)

Hormonal worry wart

Yep, I am a worry wart. By nature I tend to obsess over things, imagine all possibilities – both good and bad. It doesn’t help that I am on my high risk ob rotation right now while I am 19 weeks pregnant. Granted I have had a full anatomy ultrasound of little Aiden so I know he doesn’t have any major organ malformations – one less thing to worry about. However, this doesn’t stop me from seeing the patient who breaks her water too early or whose placenta starts to bleed and worrying that it will me. Luckily I know the numbers and how the overwhelming probability is that I will have a NORMAL pregnancy… but my emotional and rational sides don’t always agree… ESPECIALLY when I am pregnant and hormonal! :) After I get done rounding each morning on all of the problematic pregnancies I try to go over to Labor and Delivery, watch or participate in a normal term delivery, and think of what my little one will look like when he first meets me (full term, chubby, and crying most likely)!

If working on the high risk service didn’t make me worry enough about the duration and healthiness of my pregnancy, baby shopping makes me worry about my preparedness for when the baby does get here. I thought I would go out and leisurely browse all of the cute baby stuff. Aside from choosing the baby bedding (which is sooo cute!) I mostly became overwhelmed. While I started the registry for the fun things (toys, etc) at pottery barn kids, I gave up when it came to the practical things at places like Babies R Us. I need to take a friend (who also happens to be a mother) along with me and tell me what is important and a necessity and what is not. And someone to reassure me that I will someday know what to do with all of it!!!