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Goodbye 2008, Welcome 2009

It is always weird to say goodbye to another year of life, reflecting on what the past 12 months have brought. This time last year Nathan and I were patiently waiting, hoping we would eventually be able to start a family of our own. The new year brought a few surprises and challenges, leading to three very early miscarriages. But with the help of wonderful family, friends, and some good medical help (Dr. Craig’s expertise and Dr. Crouse’s support) we made it through. It just took getting rid of some pesky uterine polyps to allow our little miracle of life to take root (as Nathan put it, they were taking up valuable real estate). Now we are 24 weeks pregnant with a precious baby boy… Aiden.

In terms of work I am now halfway done with my final year of OBGYN residency – a long road but there is now light at the end of the tunnel.  Even though residency has been tough in terms of hours and emotions I love what I do. There is nothing quite like delivering a baby, helping bring a new life into the world. Luckily women allow me the honor of being present at such a special time in their lives. As I leave residency I embark on a new journey of private practice. This summer I will start my own practice with my father which has been a longtime dream of mine. I can’t wait.

I had to say goodbye to my precious grandma this last year, but she is now reunited with her prince charming, my grandpa, who was patiently awaiting her arrival in heaven. I know those two lovebirds are together and looking down on us with smiles.

My sister moved out to Virginia much to my dismay – but she is pursuing her dream of going to seminary, along with her husband Tim. It’s so weird not having her nearby… but hopefully she’ll be back in Oklahoma before we know it. They seem to be enjoying themselves and learning lots of new things.

We added a new member to the family when Nathan’s sister Adrienne got married in May. Nick is a great guy and I’m glad to have him in the family.

Nathan’s brother Doug and his wife Tina just announced that they are expecting a little one next year as well… in August to be exact. It’s too early to know whether it is a boy or a girl but exciting to know that Aiden will have a little cousin to play with! Congrats Doug and Tina!!!

I did turn 30 this year but I’m not letting that weigh me down…

Let’s just say I feel very blessed as 2008 comes to a close. I have a wonderful, loving husband, a supportive family, great friends and colleagues, two cute little dogs, and a baby boy on the way. What more could a girl ask for? I look forward with anticipation to all of the changes, challenges, and surprises that 2009 brings.

Christmas Festivities

Well, over Christmas we made the family tour. We went up to Tulsa to see Nathan’s parents, his sister Adrienne and her husband Nick for Christmas Eve. We had a nice dinner at Mahogany – steak and lobster… yum! We listened to Christmas music, exchanged gifts, and had a lovely time.

Nick & Adrienne

Nick & Adrienne

Then we drove through Chickasha and visited with my Uncle David & Aunt Linda, cousins Anna & Carrie, their husbands, and their beautiful girls. The newest addition to the family is Madison who is 4 months old and adorable!  Next we saw Uncle John and Aunt Loretta, cousin Penny, her husband Roger and their two beautiful girls, as well as my cousin John and his girlfriend.

Aiden's Stocking

Aiden's Stocking

Next we went to Duncan to see my parents, my sister Kirsten and her husband Tim. We had a big turkey dinner and Santa paid us a visit. Aiden made out like a bandit! He had his own monogrammed stocking, a santa sack, and his new room at mom and dad’s is almost ready! One of his many new onesies says “Who Needs Santa? I Have Grandparents!” No kidding! My mom created a new family tradition too where we have santa sacks – the one for me and Nathan says “The Elves,” Kirsten & Tim are “The Baers,” and Mom and Dad are “Ya & Pa.” (Mom wants her nickname as a grandma to be Ya Ya). We got my dad a Wii for Christmas and had a blast playing Wii tennis and the Wii Fit balance games.

Tim & Kirsten

Tim & Kirsten

Did I mention there were seven dogs there? It was a miniature schnauzer convention – my mom’s three dogs, our two dogs, and my sister’s two dogs. Needless to say it was a bit noisy…

It was great fun to spend quality time with family. And as always, time flies when you are having fun…

Viability and 24 Week Belly Pic

Well Aiden is officially at the age of viability, a big milestone in my OBGYN world. Granted, we want him to incubate much much longer, but he now starts to tip the scales towards a fighting chance outside the womb. I also wanted to share the most recent belly pic since it has been a few weeks since I posted evidence of the growing bump. My mom is already letting words like “huge” slip and saying I’m growing every day. :) Hopefully I’m still on target – I’m trying to walk that line of healthy, not excessive, weight gain. I still have lots of pics and info to post from Christmas but its getting late and I have to work tomorrow so please check back later. I love you all and hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

24 Week Baby Bump

24 Week Baby Bump

Family Time

Christmas is a time for family. My sister and her husband Tim are in town from Virginia! We all went to Norman over the weekend and saw my grandparents and aunt Nancy.

The Herndons

The Herndons. Of course Aiden had to have his moment in the spotlight as well...

Sweet Little Aiden

Sweet Little Aiden

Baby Room

Nathan and I have started to buy a few necessities for the baby room. We recently put a down payment on the furniture set (which takes 8-12 weeks to come in!). Here is a picture of it. The color is “espresso.” It is very well made and the crib turns into a toddler bed and then later will convert into a full size bed so it grows as our baby grows.

We also picked out the baby bedding. It is called “Circus Friends” by Pottery Barn Kids. It is full of fun animals, primary colors, and even has some adorable toys to go with it. It is even cuter in person too.

We have decided to paint the nursery yellow which is our next big task. It is currently a mocha color and we want to brighten it up a bit. We were also considering blue but yellow seems to be a good neutral color, especially since we will want to sell the house in the next few years. So all in all things are moving along. It is so exciting to think of our new little family.

Precious Moments

I am trying to savor every detail about the pregnancy – the feeling of my little boy kicking me, his in utero acrobatics, the increasing swell of my baby bump, the way Nathan looks at my belly in a kind of awe. I love this little miracle of life inside me more than words can describe. It is an amazing feeling to know he is growing and developing more and more each day inside my belly. He makes his presence known often with subtle kicks, rolls, jabs. He gets especially active after I eat, making me imagine him swallowing the amniotic fluid and tasting flavors of my diet and going “mmmmm, good.” :) I love the sound of his heartbeat on doppler – the steady whosh whosh whosh – I could sleep to it as soothing as it is to me. I love to talk to him as if he can hear me. I love my little boy whom I have yet to meet and I’m so proud to be his mom. I will continue to try to savor this process of development as each of us grow in size, strength, and love…

Mischievous Little Boy

So yesterday I went to a routine OB visit and little Aiden decided to give his momma a heart attack. We were listening to his heartbeat with the doppler device and he proceeded to intermittently drop a few heartbeats. It was so freaky to listen to! Luckily, as an OBGYN resident, I have easy access to the experts so I got to go over and see one of the Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists who did an echocardiogram on little Aiden. That’s right, he got about a 20 minute ultrasound of his heart – and he behaved himself the entire time! All of the valves, structures, etc of his heart are normal. They think he was just having a few PACs (premature atrial contractions). Only in about 1% of cases do these lead to anything serious and they usually resolve before or just after birth. But it sure did give me a scare! Now I am supposed to listen to his heartbeat weekly and have him reevaluated if I hear abnormalities frequently. Hopefully it was just a rare event (or maybe he was playing with his umbilical cord silly boy!). I love this little one so much and just keep praying he will be healthy and happy.

After I got the fetal echo they indulged me and did a few 4D ultrasound pics. In fact, maybe this was all Aiden’s ploy to get me some 4D pics since he knew I had been wanting some! Here they are:

Cute Little Aiden

The Joys of Little Boys

There are many things that I get to look forward to as the mommy-to-be of a little baby boy. This is just one of the many…

Pee-pee Teepee

Pee-pee Teepee

I was looking through old pics earlier today and found the cutest pic of Nathan as a baby. Wonder if Aiden will bare a resemblance to his daddy as a baby…

Nathan as a Baby

Nathan as a Baby

(Wonderful) Daddy-to-be

I just realized I have not posted a picture of Nathan and me. Pictures of us are a little hard to come by just because one of us is usually the one holding the camera. Here are two pics, one from Adrienne’s wedding and one from over Thanksgiving.

Nathan is really getting excited about little Aiden. I think it is becoming more and more real to him now that my belly is popping out. Plus, he has actually been able to feel Aiden move when he puts a hand on my belly. While he won’t openly admit it I think he has enjoyed shopping for baby furniture, getting the baby room ready, and planning. Of course he is bemoaning the fact that he may not be able to train to be a near professional cyclist once Aiden arrives but I think he will be ok. He is already planning how to carry Aiden around with him on his bike. :) He is going to make such a wonderful father!!!

Turkey Day

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Nathan and I went to Tulsa for turkey day to see his side of the family. My parents were going to join us as well but Dad came down with a case of bronchitis – boo! Thankfully he is feeling much better now and I actually got to see Mom and Dad on Saturday. Thanksgiving in Tulsa was lots of fun – great food, good family time. Nathan’s brother Doug and his wife Tina came into town from Michigan so it was a great surprise to see them. Aiden was showing off by letting everyone see how big he is making my belly. We all had a great time and it went by too fast. Thanksgiving was lovely and we all have so much to be thankful for!

Doug, Tina & Me

Doug, Tina & Me