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(Wonderful) Daddy-to-be

I just realized I have not posted a picture of Nathan and me. Pictures of us are a little hard to come by just because one of us is usually the one holding the camera. Here are two pics, one from Adrienne’s wedding and one from over Thanksgiving.

Nathan is really getting excited about little Aiden. I think it is becoming more and more real to him now that my belly is popping out. Plus, he has actually been able to feel Aiden move when he puts a hand on my belly. While he won’t openly admit it I think he has enjoyed shopping for baby furniture, getting the baby room ready, and planning. Of course he is bemoaning the fact that he may not be able to train to be a near professional cyclist once Aiden arrives but I think he will be ok. He is already planning how to carry Aiden around with him on his bike. :) He is going to make such a wonderful father!!!