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Precious Moments

I am trying to savor every detail about the pregnancy – the feeling of my little boy kicking me, his in utero acrobatics, the increasing swell of my baby bump, the way Nathan looks at my belly in a kind of awe. I love this little miracle of life inside me more than words can describe. It is an amazing feeling to know he is growing and developing more and more each day inside my belly. He makes his presence known often with subtle kicks, rolls, jabs. He gets especially active after I eat, making me imagine him swallowing the amniotic fluid and tasting flavors of my diet and going “mmmmm, good.” :) I love the sound of his heartbeat on doppler – the steady whosh whosh whosh – I could sleep to it as soothing as it is to me. I love to talk to him as if he can hear me. I love my little boy whom I have yet to meet and I’m so proud to be his mom. I will continue to try to savor this process of development as each of us grow in size, strength, and love…

Mischievous Little Boy

So yesterday I went to a routine OB visit and little Aiden decided to give his momma a heart attack. We were listening to his heartbeat with the doppler device and he proceeded to intermittently drop a few heartbeats. It was so freaky to listen to! Luckily, as an OBGYN resident, I have easy access to the experts so I got to go over and see one of the Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists who did an echocardiogram on little Aiden. That’s right, he got about a 20 minute ultrasound of his heart – and he behaved himself the entire time! All of the valves, structures, etc of his heart are normal. They think he was just having a few PACs (premature atrial contractions). Only in about 1% of cases do these lead to anything serious and they usually resolve before or just after birth. But it sure did give me a scare! Now I am supposed to listen to his heartbeat weekly and have him reevaluated if I hear abnormalities frequently. Hopefully it was just a rare event (or maybe he was playing with his umbilical cord silly boy!). I love this little one so much and just keep praying he will be healthy and happy.

After I got the fetal echo they indulged me and did a few 4D ultrasound pics. In fact, maybe this was all Aiden’s ploy to get me some 4D pics since he knew I had been wanting some! Here they are:

Cute Little Aiden