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Goodbye 2008, Welcome 2009

It is always weird to say goodbye to another year of life, reflecting on what the past 12 months have brought. This time last year Nathan and I were patiently waiting, hoping we would eventually be able to start a family of our own. The new year brought a few surprises and challenges, leading to three very early miscarriages. But with the help of wonderful family, friends, and some good medical help (Dr. Craig’s expertise and Dr. Crouse’s support) we made it through. It just took getting rid of some pesky uterine polyps to allow our little miracle of life to take root (as Nathan put it, they were taking up valuable real estate). Now we are 24 weeks pregnant with a precious baby boy… Aiden.

In terms of work I am now halfway done with my final year of OBGYN residency – a long road but there is now light at the end of the tunnel.  Even though residency has been tough in terms of hours and emotions I love what I do. There is nothing quite like delivering a baby, helping bring a new life into the world. Luckily women allow me the honor of being present at such a special time in their lives. As I leave residency I embark on a new journey of private practice. This summer I will start my own practice with my father which has been a longtime dream of mine. I can’t wait.

I had to say goodbye to my precious grandma this last year, but she is now reunited with her prince charming, my grandpa, who was patiently awaiting her arrival in heaven. I know those two lovebirds are together and looking down on us with smiles.

My sister moved out to Virginia much to my dismay – but she is pursuing her dream of going to seminary, along with her husband Tim. It’s so weird not having her nearby… but hopefully she’ll be back in Oklahoma before we know it. They seem to be enjoying themselves and learning lots of new things.

We added a new member to the family when Nathan’s sister Adrienne got married in May. Nick is a great guy and I’m glad to have him in the family.

Nathan’s brother Doug and his wife Tina just announced that they are expecting a little one next year as well… in August to be exact. It’s too early to know whether it is a boy or a girl but exciting to know that Aiden will have a little cousin to play with! Congrats Doug and Tina!!!

I did turn 30 this year but I’m not letting that weigh me down…

Let’s just say I feel very blessed as 2008 comes to a close. I have a wonderful, loving husband, a supportive family, great friends and colleagues, two cute little dogs, and a baby boy on the way. What more could a girl ask for? I look forward with anticipation to all of the changes, challenges, and surprises that 2009 brings.