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32 Weeks and Baby Shower Time!

We celebrated 32 weeks with a bang by having the first baby shower. It was a shower thrown by my fellow residents. It was a dual shower for me and Andrea – she is a resident in my class and we are due about four days apart. We had an amazing turnout and it was awesome! We had great food, played “Baby Bingo” as well as this game where they pass around baggies filled with white substances and you have to guess what they are: baby powder, cornstarch, flour, sugar, etc… It was lots of fun. Aiden made away like a bandit and has lots of great new clothes, blankets, books, toys… I can’t even begin to thank everyone enough. I want to share some of the pics…

Andrea and Me

Andrea and Me

Me, Kim, Jen, Bev, Andrea (the hostesses and the preggos)

Wow! A Jumparoo!

Wow! A Jumparoo!

Aiden - Ladies Man

31 Weeks, Getting Ready

We are now at the 31 week mark. I finally gave in and bought a pregnancy pillow – I was starting to have trouble sleeping so for Valentine’s Nathan got me a body pillow that kind of snakes around your body and provides support to your neck, belly, and back. It is wonderful! Nathan and I worked on Aiden’s room today as well as on cleaning the rest of the house. We don’t want to welcome Aiden home to a pig pen so we scrubbed the floors and so forth. Now we have to work on keeping things clean which is another problem altogether. Nathan put together the wonderful glider chair that Mom & Dad Elfrink bought us. It is super comfortable and will be great for nursing the baby. Thanks Mom & Dad!!! Nathan also tried out the Baby Bjorn baby carrier and used  Chloe as a stand-in for Aiden. I can just picture him carrying Aiden around, can’t you? What a cute dad he will be! :)

A Peek at Aiden

Nathan and I decided to take advantage of the 4D ultrasound machine over in the maternal-fetal medicine office on Friday. We wanted to see if Aiden looks any different now that he is 31 weeks. Well, you can tell that he doesn’t have quite as much room in the womb as he did 10 weeks ago. Plus he was being a bit shy – he kept putting his arm over his eyes or sucking on his arm, obscuring part of his face. But he sure has more baby fat than he did at 21weeks! While we can’t really tell which parent or relative he favors (although I’m thinking Nathan), we can see that he is a precious little baby that is getting bigger each day… Here are a few of the shots we did get… Isn’t he cute? We are getting so excited to meet him!

29 Weeks

Aiden is now older than I was when I was born. That’s right – for those of you who maybe didn’t know, I was a preemie. I was born at 28wks and 4 days – my mom’s water broke early. Now Aiden is a whopping 29 weeks and 1 day. Yay! Granted he still needs to incubate quite a bit longer but this is a big milestone in my book. I was so subconsciously anxious about it that the morning he was turning 28 wks 4 days I had a dream that my water broke and his umbilical cord prolapsed. In case you don’t know that is bad news in OB – babies die from prolapsed cords because it cuts off their blood supply. I awoke frantic looking for a puddle around me. Thank God the bed was dry – no broken water, no prolapsed cord. That was several days ago and Aiden is still incubating. He is getting bigger and stronger – he can throw quite a punch these days! :) I am still feeling pretty good – I just get tired really easily (or that just could be working 12+ hours a day) and have some L sciatic nerve pain. I finally registered at Babies R Us – Nathan even went with me! Bottles and baby baths and burp rags oh my! Lots of fun, new, and exciting things to look forward to. I can’t believe there are less than 11 wks left til my due date! It will be here before we know it…

I wanted to post the most recent belly pics as well…