Things that go bump in the night

Well little Aiden is making his presence known. I can now feel movement and it gets more and more pronounced as the days go by. At first it was just a little flutter – a whisper of movement really – and you had to concentrate really hard to notice anything. Now when I am sitting or lying down – especially right before I fall asleep – I can feel distinct little kicks or rolls. It is especially pronounced after I eat. The other night he was especially active. Nathan and I were lying in bed and I had Nathan put his hand on my belly and Aiden gave a big kick and Nathan felt the bump against his hand. It was so cool! I usually don’t notice him much when I am running around at work but if I am having a bad day I make a point to sit down and concentrate for a few minutes and there he is! He calms his mommy down quite nicely and reminds me of the big picture in life. :)

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