Fetal Development

Just in case you guys wanted to know the quick week to week changes that happen in early pregnancy I thought I might use my experience as an example. Since I have easy access to ultrasound equipment my little one has been extensively photographed. :) Here is an early week by week progression:

7Weeks                                          8 Weeks                            9 Weeks

You can scroll through earlier posts and see the profile from 15 weeks followed by my most recent scan at 18 Weeks. Cool huh? Aiden now has all of his organs – he is just working on getting bigger and stronger. At close to 19 weeks, he is estimated to weigh around 9-10 ounces, be about 6-7 inches long. He now blinks, swallows, and hair and eyebrows have started to form. The brain is rapidly growing as well. Hearing has not yet developed (but we talk to him anyway).


  1. Ya-Ya Says:

    Wow—-The miracle of life and creation!!! He already looks so precious at only nine weeks—how adorable! xoxoxox Kisses and hugs from Grandma Ya

  2. Lovingmom2 Says:

    I love the post! It’s old but thanks for sharing!

  3. rullyi7 Says:

    Thank Broo

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