Weekend Adventures

Nathan and I are trying to start “nesting.” Basically we are trying to start getting the house ready for the new arrival. First order of business is to make sure there is a room to put the baby in. Thus we are working on cleaning out the guest room so it can fit baby stuff. Currently it has a hodge podge of items in it. I don’t think the baby wants to use the elliptical machine for example… We made a small dent in this project over the weekend. We also went and looked at baby furniture which can be quite overwhelming! I didn’t know you had to choose whether you wanted a firm vs cushion, foam vs spring, regular vs organic crib mattress! I have a bit of investigating to do before we make the big purchases. We did decide on bedding though – pottery barn circus friends – which I think will be quite cute and versatile. It is full of primary colors and fun animals. After working on all the baby stuff we decided to take our other babies (who don’t have a clue what’s coming) out for a treat. We went to the local dog park and Calvin and Chloe had a blast! Weekends seem to go by too fast. Luckily Thanksgiving and family time is around the corner.

Dog Park

Dog Park

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  1. Ya-Ya Says:

    Just wait till Aiden “pulls those tails”—more fun to come!!!
    Enlarge that pic and as it scrolls down the tail while downloading, all sorts of fun images and days ahead come to mind”!!!!
    I can still see a visual image of John H.’s face as he want after Cinnamon’s tail time and time again!!! then he wanted me to “beat the dog” for making a small “grr–” sound at him!!!

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