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Welcome to the Elfrink family website. Nathan and I wanted to create a website for family, friends, and others to check in and see what we’ve been up to.

Nathan and I live in the great state of Oklahoma. We celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary this last year – we initially met in college at the University of Oklahoma. It was chemistry (organic chemistry class to be exact) that brought us together. Since our wedding in 2000 we have been grinding away in school/work – I am a fourth year OBGYN resident and Nathan is a radiology resident. We have two dogs (miniature schnauzers) Calvin and Chloe, and two cats Pinta and Dolce. Many changes will be taking place this year – not only am I graduating from residency but we are expecting our first child in April. While our schedules are hectic I try to update this site frequently. Please check in periodically and we welcome any comments!

Playing Doctor

Playing Doctor

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