Baby Room

Nathan and I have started to buy a few necessities for the baby room. We recently put a down payment on the furniture set (which takes 8-12 weeks to come in!). Here is a picture of it. The color is “espresso.” It is very well made and the crib turns into a toddler bed and then later will convert into a full size bed so it grows as our baby grows.

We also picked out the baby bedding. It is called “Circus Friends” by Pottery Barn Kids. It is full of fun animals, primary colors, and even has some adorable toys to go with it. It is even cuter in person too.

We have decided to paint the nursery yellow which is our next big task. It is currently a mocha color and we want to brighten it up a bit. We were also considering blue but yellow seems to be a good neutral color, especially since we will want to sell the house in the next few years. So all in all things are moving along. It is so exciting to think of our new little family.

Precious Moments

I am trying to savor every detail about the pregnancy – the feeling of my little boy kicking me, his in utero acrobatics, the increasing swell of my baby bump, the way Nathan looks at my belly in a kind of awe. I love this little miracle of life inside me more than words can describe. It is an amazing feeling to know he is growing and developing more and more each day inside my belly. He makes his presence known often with subtle kicks, rolls, jabs. He gets especially active after I eat, making me imagine him swallowing the amniotic fluid and tasting flavors of my diet and going “mmmmm, good.” :) I love the sound of his heartbeat on doppler – the steady whosh whosh whosh – I could sleep to it as soothing as it is to me. I love to talk to him as if he can hear me. I love my little boy whom I have yet to meet and I’m so proud to be his mom. I will continue to try to savor this process of development as each of us grow in size, strength, and love…

Mischievous Little Boy

So yesterday I went to a routine OB visit and little Aiden decided to give his momma a heart attack. We were listening to his heartbeat with the doppler device and he proceeded to intermittently drop a few heartbeats. It was so freaky to listen to! Luckily, as an OBGYN resident, I have easy access to the experts so I got to go over and see one of the Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists who did an echocardiogram on little Aiden. That’s right, he got about a 20 minute ultrasound of his heart – and he behaved himself the entire time! All of the valves, structures, etc of his heart are normal. They think he was just having a few PACs (premature atrial contractions). Only in about 1% of cases do these lead to anything serious and they usually resolve before or just after birth. But it sure did give me a scare! Now I am supposed to listen to his heartbeat weekly and have him reevaluated if I hear abnormalities frequently. Hopefully it was just a rare event (or maybe he was playing with his umbilical cord silly boy!). I love this little one so much and just keep praying he will be healthy and happy.

After I got the fetal echo they indulged me and did a few 4D ultrasound pics. In fact, maybe this was all Aiden’s ploy to get me some 4D pics since he knew I had been wanting some! Here they are:

Cute Little Aiden

The Joys of Little Boys

There are many things that I get to look forward to as the mommy-to-be of a little baby boy. This is just one of the many…

Pee-pee Teepee

Pee-pee Teepee

I was looking through old pics earlier today and found the cutest pic of Nathan as a baby. Wonder if Aiden will bare a resemblance to his daddy as a baby…

Nathan as a Baby

Nathan as a Baby

(Wonderful) Daddy-to-be

I just realized I have not posted a picture of Nathan and me. Pictures of us are a little hard to come by just because one of us is usually the one holding the camera. Here are two pics, one from Adrienne’s wedding and one from over Thanksgiving.

Nathan is really getting excited about little Aiden. I think it is becoming more and more real to him now that my belly is popping out. Plus, he has actually been able to feel Aiden move when he puts a hand on my belly. While he won’t openly admit it I think he has enjoyed shopping for baby furniture, getting the baby room ready, and planning. Of course he is bemoaning the fact that he may not be able to train to be a near professional cyclist once Aiden arrives but I think he will be ok. He is already planning how to carry Aiden around with him on his bike. :) He is going to make such a wonderful father!!!

Turkey Day

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Nathan and I went to Tulsa for turkey day to see his side of the family. My parents were going to join us as well but Dad came down with a case of bronchitis – boo! Thankfully he is feeling much better now and I actually got to see Mom and Dad on Saturday. Thanksgiving in Tulsa was lots of fun – great food, good family time. Nathan’s brother Doug and his wife Tina came into town from Michigan so it was a great surprise to see them. Aiden was showing off by letting everyone see how big he is making my belly. We all had a great time and it went by too fast. Thanksgiving was lovely and we all have so much to be thankful for!

Doug, Tina & Me

Doug, Tina & Me

Halfway Mark

It’s official. I’m halfway there. We hit the 20 week mark today. This week Aiden will grow to be the size of a grapefruit and his hearing is developing!

20 Weeks

20 Weeks

19 Week Belly Bump

Here is the most recent belly bump pic! Even Calvin wants to touch the belly! (You can click on the pics to get them to pop up larger)

Hormonal worry wart

Yep, I am a worry wart. By nature I tend to obsess over things, imagine all possibilities – both good and bad. It doesn’t help that I am on my high risk ob rotation right now while I am 19 weeks pregnant. Granted I have had a full anatomy ultrasound of little Aiden so I know he doesn’t have any major organ malformations – one less thing to worry about. However, this doesn’t stop me from seeing the patient who breaks her water too early or whose placenta starts to bleed and worrying that it will me. Luckily I know the numbers and how the overwhelming probability is that I will have a NORMAL pregnancy… but my emotional and rational sides don’t always agree… ESPECIALLY when I am pregnant and hormonal! :) After I get done rounding each morning on all of the problematic pregnancies I try to go over to Labor and Delivery, watch or participate in a normal term delivery, and think of what my little one will look like when he first meets me (full term, chubby, and crying most likely)!

If working on the high risk service didn’t make me worry enough about the duration and healthiness of my pregnancy, baby shopping makes me worry about my preparedness for when the baby does get here. I thought I would go out and leisurely browse all of the cute baby stuff. Aside from choosing the baby bedding (which is sooo cute!) I mostly became overwhelmed. While I started the registry for the fun things (toys, etc) at pottery barn kids, I gave up when it came to the practical things at places like Babies R Us. I need to take a friend (who also happens to be a mother) along with me and tell me what is important and a necessity and what is not. And someone to reassure me that I will someday know what to do with all of it!!!

Weekend Adventures

Nathan and I are trying to start “nesting.” Basically we are trying to start getting the house ready for the new arrival. First order of business is to make sure there is a room to put the baby in. Thus we are working on cleaning out the guest room so it can fit baby stuff. Currently it has a hodge podge of items in it. I don’t think the baby wants to use the elliptical machine for example… We made a small dent in this project over the weekend. We also went and looked at baby furniture which can be quite overwhelming! I didn’t know you had to choose whether you wanted a firm vs cushion, foam vs spring, regular vs organic crib mattress! I have a bit of investigating to do before we make the big purchases. We did decide on bedding though – pottery barn circus friends – which I think will be quite cute and versatile. It is full of primary colors and fun animals. After working on all the baby stuff we decided to take our other babies (who don’t have a clue what’s coming) out for a treat. We went to the local dog park and Calvin and Chloe had a blast! Weekends seem to go by too fast. Luckily Thanksgiving and family time is around the corner.

Dog Park

Dog Park